Connect creators and unite global fans

We're a global team passionate about innovating social networking for the future

Bridging diverse backgrounds and vibrant cultures, our team is united in a singular vision to revolutionize the way people connect and share on a global scale.

Just getting started

With a fresh vision for social engagement, Dosh Fans was born. Inspired by a desire to connect fans and creators, our journey began with a single idea that community comes first.

Seeding the Dream

Quickly, we moved from concept to action, focusing on building the foundations of a platform that’s as dynamic and diverse as our user base.

Crafting the Experience

Our early version, a glimpse of what's to come, was crafted with feedback from our earliest adopters — real fans and creators like you.

Ready to unveil

Eagerly anticipating the full reveal, we're polishing every pixel to ensure that when we go live, it'll be a platform that redefines fan engagement.

Defining values of our community

Dive into where your passion ignites fame. Our values script a stage for you to amplify your digital presence. It's about more than connection—it's where you vibe with fans, showcase your talent, and relax with standout content. Find your tribe, leave your mark, and possibly discover your calling with us. Join in, and let's make every moment epic.

Connect creatively
Dive into a community where connections spark creativity and shared passions ignite collaborative magic.
Spotlight talent
Your ambition has a home here. We spotlight emerging talent, giving you the stage to dazzle and grow.
Community vibes
It's all about the vibes. Contribute, collaborate, and celebrate in a space where every fan's voice amplifies the buzz.
Opportunity awaits
Grab the mic, hit the lights—it's your time. We’re the launchpad for your next big break.
Strive for stardom
Elevate your game. We're committed to excellence, ensuring you experience nothing but the best.
Play & slay
All work, all play—that’s our mantra. Engage fiercely, then kick back with content that's all the rave.

Our people

Each member brings unique creativity and an unwavering commitment to building a community where every fan feels at home. Together, we tackle challenges, celebrate diversity, and innovate relentlessly.

In our pursuit of excellence, we embrace collaboration and inclusivity. Our team's synergy fuels the platform's dynamism, ensuring that every feature, every interaction, and every moment on Dosh Fans is crafted with you in mind.

Our philosophy is that the workplace should enrich our lives and contribute positively to the world

For us, the workplace is more than just a place to work; it's where our passions find purpose and where we make an impact. We believe in nurturing a space where creativity flourishes, where ideas take flight, and where every member feels valued and heard.

80k users

Early Adopters

A dedicated group of early adopters is essential for feedback and initial growth.

220k interactions

Daily Interactions

Encouraging users to create and share content can be a sign of a healthy community.

100k posts

Content Creation

Fostering a highly engaged core community can be more valuable than large numbers.

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